WATER4EVER (Optimizing water use in agriculture to preserve soil and water resources) is a European research project, which aims to increase irrigation water and fertilization efficiencies through precision irrigation.

The project has 3 major components: A technological component devoted to the development of measuring technologies based on optical sensors; a modelling component addressing both the local and the catchment scales; and a fieldwork component based on 3 case studies dedicated to vineyards and fruit trees where the new sensor and modelling tools will be combined with field data obtained by conventional monitoring and remote sensing.

The project aims to minimise soil and nutrient losses to surface water and groundwater, and through it nitrogen and phosphorus loads from agriculture fields into rivers. A Decision Support System based on online data and on forecast models will be developed and tested in case studies located in Portugal, Spain, and Italy.

WATER4EVER is funded by the European Commission under the framework of the ERA-NET COFUND WATERWORKS 2015 Programme.