• To develop an automatic irrigation and fertilization Decision Support System (DSS) based on online data and on forecast models and test it in 3 case studies: Portugal, Spain and Italy;
  • To develop catchment models to nest plot scale models in order to quantify the effect of agriculture practices on water availability and quality;
  • To develop new monitoring strategies at the plot scale combining new optical sensors installed on fixed and mobile ground platforms for continuous monitoring of crop development and compare results with data acquired by drones and from satellite images;
  • To set up a water and nutrient monitoring strategy able to compute water budgets (including sapflow) and nutrient budgets and their effect on crop development and soil preservation;
  • To improve soil process-oriented models at the plot scale for the dynamics of soil organic matter and for its implication on nutrient budgets and crop development and for erosion;
  • To disseminate and transfer knowledge and technology generated at regional, national and European level by means of public information adapted to different stakeholders.